Welcome to Rene

Hello and welcome to Rene. Such a cute and loved boxer. 

Sadly one of his spinal disks exploded under pressure and some of the disk material has bruised his spinal cord. Luckily for him, it moved quickly and the pressure was quickly relived meaning he could start healing. 

He went to Fitzpatrick referrals and has managed to avoid surgery. Awesome news. He has been referred to us for physiotherapy to regain his balance and proprioception. He has been left weak but this can all be developed amd improved. 

He is making great progress, though he is not keen to allow mum to be involved. 

So we have set Rene up with a home regime and given mum some easier excerises to achieve so that hopefully Rene will be more compliant.

Keep up the good work Rene and mum!