Welcome to Poppy

Hello and welcome to Poppy. This sweet labradoodle started showing lamness in a hind limb back in May. 

The loving mum did all she could to try to fix the problem. This meant x-rays at the vet, which showed nothing, changing excercise plans, hydrotherapy and land treadmill. She then decided to see us and try physiotherapy. 

Well alot of time has passed so we had a long chat about what has gone on. We found that the compensating limb was tense and there was some back pain. 

We have decided to address the clear issues and take the issue back to the start and start the investigation all over again. Mum has had to restrict this dogs movement for quite some time so its currently not normal. We are going to work back towards a more normal excercise plan and see how the body addresses this. 

The body is a wonderful thing and does what it can to heal and so sometimes our job is to guide it back to normal use as bad habits can form when there was a period of injury. 

This is a very interesting case and we look forward to getting you back to normaility Poppy. Keep up the good work mum!