Welcome to Wellington

Hello and welcome to Wellington. 

Such a sweet old man. A rescued boy. He is now 12y young and was doing really well in life. But then he got very lame. Mum was not sure what was going on so she went to the vets. But they were also puzzled by the changing findings. So he had a CT Scan. This gave some clues to some problems in the body, but the findings didnt really reveal the cause of the pain as it didnt really all fit together. 

Rimadyl was tried and didnt really help so Gabepentin was tried and this has helped greatly. 

So he has now been referred for physio. 

Well, there are still not a lot of clues to work with but we definitly have some clear issues to start work on. 

So we have set mum up with a home regime that will increase his confidence in his leg and gain his strength. And we have temporiliy reduced his walks to see if that stops the lameness whilst we gain some strength. 

Good luck mum and Wellington. We’ll have you feeling better soon.