Welcome to Loki

Such a total sweetheart. Mum decided he needed to learn to be calm as he was quite crazy. Rescue too, he was keeping mum on her toes! 

Mum was great and had a behaviourist help, but it was still not totally the answer. She saw our Puppy Massage DVD and requested a 1 to 1 lesson. 

We were very happy to offer this. As usual, Loki came in full of beans and bouncing around the room. But we had it all under control. After a very short time, Loki began to relax. The massage was taught. Mum learnt some techniques. Loki’s favorite massage was the abdoman, also known as the belly rub! But it was the back massage that made him calm down enough to find out what areas he liked being massaged best. 

Loki was a total star and mum was so happy to see him so calm. 

If you want to learn the joy of home dog massage then get your copy of the Puppy Massage DVD or request your 1 to 1 lesson by contacting us.

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