Welcome to Maisy Moo

Hello and welcome to Maisy Moo. 

Such a sweet labradoodle. 

She has come for physiotherapy for a grumbeling cruciate. This is where the criciate ligament only breaksdown a little bit. Its enough to show subtle symptoms but not be a big life impact. But you have to be aware as sadly it can fully rupture at any point. 

This was noticed during a routine vet exam. The vet saw she has muscle wastage and puffy knees on one side. So x-rays were taken. The specialist saw them and felt she was not a case that needed surgery at this stage. So she is having conservative managment. 

She is having accupuncture and responding very well. Her mum noticed a significant change in her energy level after this. And she is having physiotherapy with us.

This is a case for ultrasound therapy along side the home excercise regime. 

So we have set her up and she has her plan.

Keep up the good work mum amd Maisy.