Welcome to Georgie

Hello and welcome to Georgie.

What a cutie. She was a happy little bean one day and then paralysed hind limbs the next. Scary stuff for mum and dad. It was all very quick and her new vets were incredibly fast and supportive. She was sent quickly to the referral center who did an MRI and saw she had compression of the spinal chord, as the spinal disk had popped. 

She quickly had surgery, called a hemilaminectomy. This meant they cut a hole in the spinal bones and took out the disk material. 

She has since had a great recovery and has gradully had more use of the hind legs daily. She was sent home with a physio program. But we have now taken over to update the regime and keep the recovery optimum rate. 

We have set georgie up with some gentle excercises to improve her proprioception and balance and strength. We have also shown mum and dad some gentle back massage to aid healing.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Georgie.