Welcome to Chole

Hello and welcome to Chloe.

This is a well loved labrador. She has kept the vets busy with many illnesses over the years. But she keeps fighting and her wonderful dad really does do all he can. 

She was diagnosed with elbow dyspasia fairly early in life. They tried conservative management but in the end needed surgery. She had an arthroscopy and had some bone removed. But she also had some revolutionary treatment. She had stem cells inplanted too!

There has been some improvement but its not solved the problem so she is now in for physio too. This is quite normal, as gold stand care plans use mulitple disaplines to get the best program of care for the patient. 

Chloe now has a new home regine and excercises to help relieve pain in the elbow and keep her active and comfortable for longer. 

Keep up the good work dad and Chloe!