Welcome to Simba



Hello and welcome to Simba. 

A beautiful Rhodesian ridgeback. Poor thing needs to be a bit more careful in the woods. 

She went off chasing the fun wildlife. Her mum heard a yelp and then she couldn’t be found for a scary 10 minutes. when she got to her mum she was totally lame and holding up her front leg. 

She was rushed to the vets and an x-ray showed no damage. So she was given Nsaids and rest. 

So mum decided she should see us.

It does look like she may have subluxated her shoulder. This means its pops out just a bit and goes back in. This means there can be soft tissue damage but nothing to see on x-ray. It is still very painful.

Simba is recovering well. we have given her a home regime that will encourage a gradual return to work. she has issues twisting so we have given excercises to encourage this movement in a controlled manor allowing safe mobilisation.  We expect her to take it easy and allow 8 weeks recovery incase of ligament damage.

Mum has been excellent with her home regime so far and the results can be seen. wedone mum and Simba. Keep up the good work.