Welcome to Yogi



Hello and welcome to Yogi. Maybe not the best picture of him. A very big and fluffy newfoundland. 

He has been through the mill at a very young age! His very vigilant owners have worked hard to not give up on him and push for answers. And rightly so. After discussions of hip dysplasia, which it was not, he got sent to Vets Now referals who did an MRI after Yogi had been displaying severe hind limb paresis.

MRI revealed a mass in his spine causing a 90% compression of the spinal chord! This dog is a miracle as he made it through. The surgeon did a wonderful job removing the mass. He had an added post operative complication of a 4.5ltr seroma. That is possibly like him carrying a small jack russel on his back! But he got over this fine too.

He has now come for rehabillitation. He needs to get some more strength and to try to improve his co ordination. He is doing so well already. And we have no doubt he will make a full recovery with his amazingly diligent owners. He has been given excercises to improve his strength and get his nerves firing more so he thinks about his movement. 

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Yogi!