Well done Archie! surgery cancelled as vet said physio has done the trick!



12 weeks ago Archie came to us for physiotherapy following diagnosis of bilateral luxating patella. This means both knee caps were dislocating when he walked. The vet said to try physiotherapy and to come back if it doesnt work.
We are so pleased to report that Archie has had the all clear and the vet has decided surgery is no longer needed! 

The owner was a super star and stuck firmly to the home excercise regime we set. She also did some hydrotherapy for as many weeks as the insurance would allow. 

All this combined meant that Archie rebuilt sufficient muscle to keep the patellas stable. 

Mum was very happy with the outcome and the home regime. she will keep it up to ensure there is no decline.

We now see Archie again in 3 months to make sure everything remains good and stable and keep mum and Archie on track.

Well done mum and Archie!