Welcome to Stanley




Hello and welcome to Stanley. I love this photo. Real close up but looks so emotional. This little staffie is a total sweetheart with a nig story.

He only has 3 legs. But he doesnt let it stop him. Another gokd star mummy. The owner has brought him for physio to make sure they look after the remaining fore leg as well as they can.

We are no stranger to looking after 3 legged dogs with lots of energy. Stanly is mad amd often falls over as he goes too fast, but he smiles everytime. He has actually inly had 3 legs since he was 16 weeks old! He suffered a sever fracture very young and there was no other solution. He was then put into a rescue home so we dont know more detail than that.

We have now given the owner some massage techniques to keep the muscle comfy and some passive range of movement work to do on the elbow as it is already feeling some of life stresses.

Keep smiling happy Stanly, you have a long and comfy life ahead. And keep up the good work mum.