Welcome to fred




Hello and welcome to Fred.

This gorgeous boy has arthritis. He came as the owners amd vet wanted to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep on top of the arthritis.

Fred is still coping well but early tweeks can ensure that we can avoid having to make fast dramtic changes to thier life.

We all have to make changes to our lives as we age. No one has the same active lifestyle when they are 60 and thry did when they were 20 yeats old. Yet due to 5he fact that dogs age almost thier whole lofe span over only 10 of our years, we often forget to make changes to allow them a happy comfy retirement.
Like with people, there is alway the acception to the rule, where we see the odd OAP running the London marathon or swinging around a dance pole on Britians got talent, but that is the acception, not the rule, so we celebrate these amazing people, but remember how rare that is and remember it is rare in an animal too. We can all benefit from a little help when we’re older.

Keep up the good work Fred and mum. Your doing great.