Welcome to Spencer




Hello and welcome to Spencer. This lovely little cat has been in the wars. Hes gorgeous but refuses to look anywhere other than outside! But he was very co operative during his session. Even his mum couldnt believe it.
Spencer has had to come for rehabillitation following surgery on his pelvis. He had a fracture that had to be stabalised with a plate. Surgery has gone really well but he has developed some muscle contrature and he has some arthritis in his hips too. So hes now not walking very well.
Poor spencer is a nervous cat as he has had a tough past and the vet thinks the fracture was probably caused by a person kicking him. So sad.

But im so proud to say that he is so tolerant of the massage he needs. He remonds me of a teenager as he sots and says he doesnt like it with his tail twitch, but his eyes shut amd he makes no attempt to move away.

I have tought the owner to do some masage and set them up with a home excercise regime. He will benefit from daily massage and excercise.

I have already seen him again, but sadly he wont let his owner massage as well as he lets me, so we will probably need a few more sessions than i hoped. But i also hope in time that he will learn to love his mums massages too.

Good luck mum and Spencer! Well have you fixed soon.