Welcome to Endo

Hello and welcome to Endo

Endo in his examination

Endo is such a sweetie. He has aged very well and is so fit and healthy.

A very short time ago he very randomly wee’d whilst he was chilling on the sofa. He seemed completely unaware of the problem.

Worried mum rushed him to the vets and following tests, nothing was found.

Mum rightly didn’t want any stone unturned to work out what might be causing her boys incontinence.

She came for a mobility assessment to see if there were any signs of neurological problems.

Us physios don’t have MRI eyes but we are very capable of doing a good neurological examination and seeing if there are any further signs of issues.

I’m thrilled to share that there was no issues found. However it does mean that we don’t know the reason for the incontinence yet. 

Endo really has an incredible body with only a slight stiffness in 1 hip. So he will be back to the vets to try some medication to help.

Well done Endo and mum! And well done being so thorough!