Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Viktoria Tsari



Tonight we had the amazing Viktoria Tsari join us for the last in series 4 of Cuppa Tea with the vet!

Viktoria was a real gem. She has a beautiful soul and shared with us that if time and money and family were no object, she would love to spend her life volunteering and helping people and animals around the world. She recognises completely that veterinary is not all about helping the animal, its also about helping the owner. You cant help the animal if you can’t help the mum and dad first.

Cuppa Tea with the vet – Viktoria Tsari

She shared that she loves cooking, painting and travel. She also set up her own telemedicine business so that more people can assess the help they need.

Viktoria also shared what she loves about physio. She loves that its about helping the body function beautifully again and, whilst drugs are important, it is a drug free option. Movement is life!

Her top tip for dealing with pain was happiness! Don’t forget to keep them happy.

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We have truly loved our 4th Series of Cuppa Tea with the vet. We hope you have too. Its been wonderful to speak to so many dedicated and caring vets. We have seen how much they all love their owners as much as their animals. Most of them completely admit to being a control freak. What they all have in common is an unstoppable passion for patient care and a giant heart full of love.