Welcome to Willow

Welcome willow

Hello and welcome to willow. She is super cute.

She was suffering luxating patella. She was all booked for surgery when the selfless vet, decided it was not bad enough for surgery and should have conservative management and physio instead!

We were thrilled as we love the opportunity to try these methods before surgery. It is not always the answer but it is always worth a 12 weeks try. This does not mean 12 weeks of seeing the physio weekly. The plan is far less intense for the session but it does depend on the dog.

We are thrilled to report that after 12 weeks of physio, where the owner had been given a progressive program and doing alot of the work herself at home, the vet decided surgery was no longer on the table and she was a physio success.

We now see her for 6month check ups to make sure she is staying in peak condition. Her success replies on good muscle maintenance.

Well done Willow, family and vet! What a great team!