Coping wit Pet Bereavement, with Diane from the Blue Cross

Tonight Donna chatted to Diane James of the Blue Cross bereavement support line about “pet loss”. It really is a subject that is the elephant in the room. No one knows how to talk about it, if it’s ok to talk about, should they talk about it. We discussed all of this and so much more.

Diane is a rock and a wealth of knowledge. I found it so helpful for my own grief and so many joined in and shared their pain. It was so interesting to hear how so many of us do feel the same. But also that there are so many who don’t feel the same and so will never get it, but that doesn’t make us wrong or silly for how we feel. It is like losing a human and it is ok to say that! Our pain is real and it may never go away. 

We also learnt how best to support children and other animals going through this too, and understand how much it can effect the elderly. Blame and guilt are normal emotions and the whole journey is a roller coaster. Self-care is essential. So even when you are super low, please do remember to reach out and look after yourself, drink enough and eat enough. Those tears need replacing.

This video will never leave our YouTube channel or our vlogs page so know that its there for you whenever you need it. And know that none of us take all information in when we are processing so watch it again and again. 

I hope this can help you as much as it as me, and the others who also shared their stories. Thankyou to everyone who got involved. 

Most importantly, thank you to the Blue Cross and Diane for all they do educating the world for us so we can get the help and care we need. You are not alone despite feeling that way. We will never forget our beloved. And we are super lucky we had them. We feel this way because they were amazing.

If you are struggling with the loss of a pet, then please do reach out to the Blue Cross on 0800 096 6606 or join their private Facebook group for bereavement support.