What Do You Love About Physio? Jessica May Answers!

In September 2021, series 3 of Cuppa Tea With the Vet kicked off with Jessica May. It was a fascinating chat, where Donna learned all about the world of telemedicine! As always, Donna asked the question: “What do you love about physio” and Jessica gave a fabulous answer that highlighted the importance of the owners part in the healing process for their pet. You can watch the full interview here.

I’m going to stick with the remote theme because this is something we can do to help empower owners to do to help their pets… It’s all about building in the ability to help pets and help owners to help their pets… so in terms of getting a pet the help they need, physio can be done remotely, which is fantastic. We see that with the first vet service. It’s important, especially in the last year, that pets have been able to get the help they need. So helping owners understand more about their pet… and to join in with their pet’s treatment and get them really engaged with that, is really key…


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