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We were thrilled to meet Ian of Smart vet! He has had a very busy past! He has set up precious practices which he then sold and then enjoyed the tiniest bit of retirement and decided he was bored and needed to work again! One hell of a way to take some holiday! 

Ian is currently setting up Smart Vet in London and already has many fans. He is warm and caring and has the most giant heart. His staff applaud him! We learnt that he has a bizarre relationship with physics….he loves it and would love to meet Albert Einstein, but it also puts him to sleep. I did reflect and conclude that we can probably all relate to the last 2 points! 

He is not spontaneous but recognises he should work on that, along with meditation and Skiing! 

It was a really really fun chat!

What Ian Loves About Physio:

As a human, you’re doing physio before your operation, after your operation, the day of your operation… it makes such a difference… As a Surgeon, you can only do so much in the operating theatre. And what we’re trying to do is get the maximum functionality and minimise pain and get the best outcome and wellness and health and have these animals return to their full level of life… and the best way to do that is by having ongoing care: you can detect issues if things aren’t going in the right way…

I love chatting to physios about cases: “is it going alright? Could it be better? Do I need to change my technique?” I feel that you guys see all the different techniques for knees, you know: the cruciate. There’s 3 or 4 common utilised methods and you know the better ways and which are the better surgeons; What’s good and what’s not. So it’s a really useful way of having a good relationship and not only to get the better outcome for the pet, but to get better outcomes for future pets. So I think it’s really important and you guys do such amazing work and perhaps have a bit more time to go through each of the muscle moves and each of the areas and see things that we miss. So I think the collaboration is so important and really is good.

About Ian:

Ian’s been looking after the pets of South West London since he graduated from the University of Liverpool over 20 years ago. He has a special interest in key hole surgery being one of the first vets to offer it in London. He is passionate about building a great team where everyone loves their job and delivers exceptional levels of care. It is all about happy pets and happy people.

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