Series 3 Cuppa Tea With the Vet kicks off with Jessica May

It was wonderful to speak to Jessica and learn all about telemedicine. Telemedicine is a controversial subject as this is a fairly new area of veterinary that has exploded in the last year. Donna found it so interesting to learn that they work as a team with your own vet, reporting their conversations back to them. The benefits of the telemedicine is that you can have a long chat with a vet without worrying about them not having time to chat when you call. They don’t prescribe, so it’s not a way of avoiding the vet, but it is a good way of getting great advice from a well qualified vet. 

It was also interesting to learn how this service also benefits the vets: It relieves their time. But it can also, if they are physically no longer able to work in standard practice, (e.g. if life commitments means they want more family time) allow a good work/life balance and a new way of working. It was a very interesting chat. 

Dr Jessica shared how an internship lead her to working on racehorses in Tokyo and how she would love to have a chat with the head of Facebook marketing!

Jessica had a strong passion for business and for shaking up the veterinary world. 

Jessica shared what she loves about physio:

I’m going to stick with the remote theme because this is something we can do to help empower owners to do to help their pets… It’s all about building in the ability to help pets and help owners to help their pets… so in terms of getting a pet the help they need, physio can be done remotely, which is fantastic. We see that with the first vet service. It’s important, especially in the last year, that pets have been able to get the help they need. So helping owners understand more about their pet… and to join in with their pet’s treatment and get them really engaged with that, is really key…


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