Pit Pat dog activity monitor – £5 off!

We are thrilled to announce that Pit Pat dog activity monitor are giving our clients £5 off! Its RRP is £39 so not bad at all. 

Pit Pat have been proud sponsors of CAM, Canine Arthritis management for a while. Donna was intrigued by activity monitors so reached out to them. She was thrilled to learn that they have done lots of studies on their accuracy. Pit Pat sent one to Donna to try and she has been so pleased to see the results. 

What Donna Thought of the Monitor

“what I like is that I can press a button so that the data sync with my phone and I can see when my boy has been active during the day. Even if I am not home I can see when he has been mooching around. I can see when he is active at night and it tells me how many hours of sleep, mooching, play and walking he does. There is an average day and a best day button too so you can see how the day is comparing”

Another cool feature is lots of motivational tools like badges. These tell you what you have achieved and they are also fun. 

There is an option to become a member, but if you don’t want to, you still have access to all the data and there is no ongoing cost. They also have a section on the app for body weight and if you go the whole hog, you can get their scales. If you do opt to get the food and scales, as the monitor calculates the calories burnt, it also tells you how much food to feed. 

It’s really quite impressive. Well done Pit Pat. This is a super useful monitoring tool!

Just use code: PS-ANIMALPHYSIOLTD at checkout on their website!

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