Welcome to Monty

Welcome Monty

Hello and welcome to Monty. This young man had a very sad accident and managed to cut his paw.

The vet was amazing and did a wonderful job of stitching it all back together, but there was clearly a severed ligament. He was referred to physio to see if we could help.

This was always going to be a challange! But we wanted to try all we could. We used a taping technique to reduce the stretch on the toe and hold it in a normal position. At the same time, excercise was little and often. Later in the program we did strengthening excercises to see if we could build the muscles that work the digits.

Sadly this was always a long shot as the damage done was so severe. Mum and dad just wanted to know they did all they could.

At the end of 12 wks it was time to finish the plan. But we can report that although the digit is not repaired, we do have a zero on the pain score now.

Well done mum, dad and Monty!

Pre taped toe
After taping