What Do You Love About Physio? With Christel Caderius Van Veen

Donna had a fantastic Cuppa Tea with The Vet interview with mobile vet Christel in her first episode of 2021. And she of course, asked the regular question: “What do you love about physio?” It was really interesting to get a different perspective on physio, from a mobile vet! As you can tell from her answer, Christel is passionate about the difference physio can make to the animals she treats!

I just love the difference it makes to animals. There’s a patient of mine and his owner is amazing: he does everything… but he came to me probably 4 years ago and walked in and I said “how long’s he been walking like that?” and he went “ what do you mean?” and I went “like he’s on egg shells” and he said “but that’s just how he walks?”. So we x-rayed Archie and he was still quite young and he had arthritis in all the joints… his back leg is juddering, because he’s not really bearing weight on it, so there’s a problem here. So he went to a physio that had some gait analysis where they do the percentages of weights so they could actually prove that he wasn’t bearing weight on it. They’ve given him all these exercises to do, and the difference it makes to the dog alongside the stuff we were already doing has been amazing…

and I’ve seen patients of yours that, it just makes such a difference to their life and part of that is the participation of the owners. Physio is all about the practitioner but it’s 10 or 15% the actual physio session and 85-90% the effort the owner puts in to doing all the stuff… because physio is about muscular rehab and training and you only get muscles if you train them, so it’s a daily thing so it’s all about the owner and the physio and the vet and the team.

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