Welcome to Franklin


Hello and welcome to Franklin. This very sweet dog has hip dysplasia. A very common problem, that left to its own devices will lead to lameness, muscle loss and sever osteoarthritis.

Cracking on with therapy early gives your dog the best chance to reduce the severity of the future problems. Your therapist will help you understand why its so bad and what we do to stop the problem progressing.

The treatment involves pain reduction and muscle building. Keeping pain down helps us achieve the miscle building. The muscle building then keeps the hips in place better. This reduces the heat and damage within the hips as they move. This new found stability then helps keep pain reduced.

Its a cycle that pregressivly improves. Without intervention the pain causes the patient to reduce thier excercise, or limp, to avoid causing the pain. This then means the muscle is not rebuilt in the balanced way biology intended.

Franklins mum understood the important of physio and got him in. He now has a home excercise plan and is set for the best outcome.

Well done Franklin and mum!