“What do You Love About Physio?” – Paul Manktelow answers

Paul’s Cuppa Tea with the Vet interview last year was a fascinating one! If you want to hear him talk about operating on a shark, have a look at his full interview here! Paul gave a brilliant answer to the question “What do you love about physio?” in which he talks about the benefits of a holistic approach to treatment. Vets and physios can compliment each other’s skill sets so well!

As a vet, we only get a limited time with the client. We might be experts in health but when it comes to all the things that holistically sit around treatment, we just don’t get the time. So i think that’s where the other treatments like physio really step in. We can see an animal with arthritis or post op, and dispense some anti inflammatory, but really, as anyone who has been injured knows; when you invest the time in physio, that’s when you make the big advances in recovery….So I think its great that there are all these professions that sit around mine, that are complimentary and supportive and have a holistic view. So I really think that’s great!


Paul Manktelow has been a veterinary surgeon for nearly 20 years, working on the front line in some of the UK’s busiest veterinary hospitals. As Principal Vet at PDSA, he leads a team of vets and nurses that treat hundreds of thousands of pets every year. Paul also appears regularly in the media as a TV presenter on a number of prime-time TV shows. He also is the founder of Vital pet health.

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TV Vet Paul Manktelow BVMS MSc MRCVS

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