Welcome to Doug

Welcome Doug

Hello and welcome to Doug. This very handsome man is a Lab x Springer! He is such a lovely boy!

There is very little to say about him! He has an amazing mum who does agility with him and she wanted to make sure his body was in top condition, so she came for a mobility check!

Well done mum! Nothing was found! There were some points that might have proven to be an issue, but they turned out to be nothing. Sometines you find the odd stiffness, and its not serious, but until you have a follow up, its hard to know if its a persistant issue.

I will just add, we have been so busy we have actually got months behind on our welcome posts so Doug was seen when we were not in lockdown and were free to do mobility assessments in all animals. These restrictions will be lifted soon and we do have a list of dogs waiting for when we are allowed to see those who just want assessments but are seemingly fine. So if you want to just check in, and make sure your animals are in tip top mobility condition, contact us and reserve your place on the list!

Well done mum and Doug for being such super stars!