Donna Chats to Tracy from Floors for Paws

We had such a fantastic chat with Floors for Paws about high grip hard flooring. Watch the interview to find out more! Floors for paws also have kindly offered our clients a 10% discount, so if you are updating your home, take a look! 

Donna first came across the company when she was exploring new flooring options for her home. She was acutely aware that hard floors were slippery for her dogs and wanted the best option possible for her bathroom and kitchen. 

The company were so friendly and helpful and as the conversations unfolded she became aware that the company was formed on love and personal experience. This needed celebrating. Donna was thrilled by the new flooring. She filmed her dog getting up off the bathroom floor which was bamboo, and then off the new floors for paws flooring and was amazed to see the struggle reduced from 23 seconds to 3 seconds! 

In the interview you can learn more about Tracy’s story with her 3 legged dog and how much love she has for our nation of dogs. 

We want to thank Floors for Paws for bringing us this beautiful solution to our and and also for their honesty in the limitation of the product. After all, there is no such thing as non-slip. 

Tracy’s Biography

My name is Tracy Topliss, I am 43 years old, I have a 7 year old daughter, a three legged Pyrenean Mountain Dog and a husband (and yes I have listed them in order of favourite first!)

I started my career in hospitability, working round the world in various hotels and restaurants, before eventually coming back to Lincolnshire and opening my own restaurant with my husband, who very conveniently is a Chef!  Eight years and two local business awards later, we gave the keys back and started on the next chapter of our lives… being parents.  

It was at this stage I embarked on a new challenge within the flooring industry, I had been offered a sales position with a company selling commercial entrance matting and rubber flooring.  I went from knowing nothing about the industry to finding I was not only good at selling flooring, but also at running the fitters and understanding the logistics. I also really enjoyed doing something completely different to what I had always known. 

Whilst at the flooring company I adopted Belle and noticed how much she struggled on hard flooring. On investigation, we realised there was a gap in the market for flooring designed with thought for both the dog and the owner, hence Floors for Paws was born. 

Five years on we are now an independent company, continually growing the brand and slowly increasing turnover each year.  I am very lucky to be working for a company I love, doing a job I enjoy and selling a product I whole heartedly believe in, all whilst at home and balancing family life.  I also get to spend all day telling people all about Belle! 

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