welcome to Bowen

Welcome to Bowen

Hello and welcome to Bowen. He is a lovely boy with a very worried mum.

His brother had degenerative myleopathy which we know is a genetic issue. The difficulty with this illness is that you can’t diagnose it with a test. We can test only to see if you carry the gene, but not that, that gene is actually effecting you. So as a result it is a worry when a sibling has it but it may not effect the rest of a litter.

Further to this he also has some arthritis. This is far more common and far more managable.

We have Bowen on an excercise program and he has responded well. He remains very strong and very happy in his walks. There were tweaks we needed to make to his routine and he really loves his massage and stretches!

Keep up the good work mum, family and Bowen!