Donna’s “not a dog or horse” Physiotherapy Course Accredited by IRVAP and in Top 2% of Courses!

Exotic Patient - Skunk
Exotic Patient – Skunk

Donna’s IRVAP accredited course on physiotherapy and rehabilitation for animals other than dogs and horses has been rated as 9.7 out of 10 on! This puts this course in the top 2% of 61,241 courses!

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The IRVAP accreditation review had his to say about the course:

This course is an online course through a provider. The course is designed very well and easy to navigate through. The LO’s are appropriate for this level and I feel there are some fantastic content on the course. The courses are mainly webinars and video/lessons and information to allow the learner to study at home which would be a fantastic CPD opportunity for hydrotherapy/physiotherapy members of the IRVAP.
The course is set to be of very high quality and by accrediting this course we are letting membership know the quality of this course and it has been checked/approved by IRVAP.
There is a gap in the market for this kind of course and most other industries are using webinars for training and CPD. The author of the course allows learners the opportunity to ask questions along the journey which is excellent. The cost is very good and plenty of content for any member new or experienced in Physiotherapy.

It’s an amazing achievement, so well done Donna and thank you to those who have taken the course and contributed to rating it so highly!

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