Buggies for Dogs! Donna Chats to Andrea of Pets Own Us to Find Out More!

Donna spoke to Andrea, owner of Pets Own Us to find out more about buggies for dogs. In recent blog post, Donna spoke about how life changing a buggy has been for her family and their elderly dog.

Because buggies are quite a big investment, Andrea agreed to talk on more about the buggies. So, she was able to answer in her own words some of the crucial questions you may have when deciding whether to buy a dog buggy and if so, which one.

Also, Andrea kindly agreed to 10% off for clients of Animal Physiotherapy Ltd as part of the perk scheme. You can find details of how to claim that both on the perk scheme page and in the previous blog.

Andrea’s Biography

Andrea is passionate about animals, wildlife and nature. Owner of Pets Own Us, a brand dedicated to providing designer pet solutions for pet parents and ultimately the well-being of their fur babies.  We source innovative products from small businesses across the UK and EU that foremost offer superior quality, value for money and make life with our furry friends fun!

We are an independent company and we love sourcing new products from small business and talented pet furniture designers.

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