Welcome to Chewbacca


Hello and welcome to Chewbacca.

This bundle of cutness is one of what feels like hundreds of luxating patella cases I have at the moment.

Luxating patella is such a common issue now. Mostly in small breeds, its where the knee cap slips put of place off to the side of the leg.

Most of us have seen that dog walking along and then they do what looks like a cute skip. The skip is usually them trying to pop thier knee cap back in place.

We grade luxating patella 1 to 4. 1 is the least sever and is likely to be fixed with physio and rehab. But it still takes a lot of effort from the owner. 4 is almost impossible to fix with rehab and usually requires surgery as often the knee cap get stuck out and you can’t get it back in place easily.

Thos little guy needed the surgery and came to me for post op rehab as it was still slipping even after surgery.

This is also not unusual as the best approach is the team approach. The surgeon did an excellent job, but the body needed some help rebuilding the muscle again.

We are thrilled to report Chewbacca is back flying starships already!

Well done, mum, dad and team Chewbacca!