Michele Broadhurst discussed her book with Donna



We had an amazing time talking about Dr Michele Broadhursts new book.

In the last month she released her book, A clinicians guide to Myofascial pain in the Canine patient. At Animal physiotherapy Ltd, we pride ourselves on being on top of the science and new information, so this was great!

Interestingly, there is nothing really new about fascia. However, it has been a vastly under investigated part of the body. It has been disregarded as unimportant. But over the last few years, this thought has been changing and fascia has been getting the recognition it deserves.

Over the years we have done several updates on fascia. We attended a training by Noel Fitzpatric and even he said, it was once something we cut through to get to the bit underneath, but now we have to look after it!

So thank you Michele for bringing this amazing book.

Watch the interview here.

Dr Michele Broadhurst discusses her new book!

Whilst we had her, we grabbed her top tip on pain reduction for this month! She said to keep talking about it!

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