Welcome to Teddy


Hello and welcome to Teddy. This dog is too cute! It is lovely getting the youngsters in, but also a little sad that they have problems so young.

It is always amazing when an owner spots the issue early enough for us to fix it before it becomes a big problem!

Teddy has a luxating patella. So his knee cap is sliding off to the side when he runs. Poor thing! However, this is actually not too painful in dogs. Its horrific in a human! These dogs cope so well and thats why its often easily missed.

But Teddys dad was on the case. He noticed the odd skipping and lifting of the limb and saw the vet. The vet diagnosed it with ease and he was sent for physio.

We are thrilled to report that it has taken dedication, but not too much time so get this corrected! Teddy is already feeling far less luxations and we hope he will soon be fully back to a healthy knee.

Keep up the good work dad and Teddy!