Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Martin Whitehead



It was a real privilege to have Martin of Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital on our show yesterday. He had a lot to say!

It was incredible to learn how he was a researcher before he became a vet, and its been his real passion to get research and more evidence into the veterinary world. He is not alone in the passion, but he certainly is more versed than most, in the research field. It is not easy when research is so heavily influenced by finance issues. Often not enough of it, and then scarily often, too much in the big pharma companies that can cause bias. However this is changing as our research methods get better and more strict.

Martin has worked all over the world on a vast number of species. He was also a competitive squash player! But his life has been dedicated to research and his current project is on cleanliness in veterinary settings.

We asked him what he loves about physio…

That’s a very brave question to ask an evidence based practitioner….but in humans there is strong evidence to suggest it works, so undoubtedly there will be for dogs and cats.

Martin Whitehead, Director of Chipping Norton Veterinary Hopsital
Martin Whitehead – Cuppa Tea with the Vet!

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Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Martin Whitehead