Cuppa Tea with the Vet Hannah Capon


Interview with Hannah Capon of Canine Arthritis Management

Rugs before Drugs

Hannah explained how she wants to see vets give owners information so they can empower them to do more before turning to the drugs cabinet

We are truly loving the Cuppa Tea with the Vet segment. It runs every fortnight and we have such amazing chats with the vets. We love finding out more about their human side and how individual they all are!

This week we interview Hannah Capon, founder of CAM, Canine Arthritis Management. Hannah is a leader in getting people to recognise that arthritis is not something we should accept as a part of ageing. There is HUGE amounts that can be done and many of those interventions will cost nothing! But we do need to shout this from the roof tops and get everyone on board so we can reduce suffering and support the devoted owners that worry about this awful disease.

Hannah i a big supporter of Versus Arthritis, which is the Human version of this support. Even in people, there is not enough support given to those suffering the disease. Its easy to think its only the old that suffer, but the reality is that it can hit young and many will have some level of arthritis in their thirties or younger! Juvenile Arthritis can hit really young. Its all so sad.

So watch the show, follow us on Facebook and you tube for other shows. Learn about your vets.

Most importantly, this is an opportunity to access vets minds for FREE! Get involved. Ask questions. And nominate your vet to join us for a guest appearance! Its super fun!

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Cuppa Tea with the Vet - Hannah Capon!_Moment
Cuppa Tea with the Vet – Hannah Capon!_Moment