Welcome to Snoopy

Welcome to Snoopy

Hello and welcome to Snoopy! In all this lockdown madness we didn’t post Snoopy’s welcome! Poor Snoops!

Snoopy is such a lovable little bean. He has arthritis. So common, but so easy to help improve!

No two arthritis cases are the same so there is no blanket solution, but every case can be improved with rehab. You can’t get rid of arthritis, but there is loads you can do to increase support to effected joints, rebalance the patient so they arn’t causing other issues with compensation, and update the regime as the disease progresses.

The disease will always progress but it can be slowed down with help. It can also look like we are turning the clock back as the patients get a new spring in thier step!

At Animal Physiotherapy Ltd we have an extra passion for arthritis care and chronic pain, so if you think your pet has any niggles, give us a call….even during lockdown as we are here to chat and help make a plan.

Snoopy has a regime and is doing well. Mum is being supported through lockdown and has reported that Snoopy has not regressed thankfully. Keep up the good work mum and Snoopy! And we really look forward to seeing you again soon!