Perk Package Bracknell



We are so aware of how hard this Covid-19 is hitting small independant business like ourselves. So we have been spending time making lots of new ways to innovate and be ready for the rebuild.

We decided to set up a brand new Perk Package to give something extra back to our mutual clients!

Any small independant busienss is welcome to join the scheme. We all give a “perk”. This will be honoured when showing a reciept from another business within the scheme! Its all super simple and will give a bonus to our wonderful supportive clinet community and say thank you to them for using us.

Follow our Facebook Perk Package Page for the most upto date list of businesses you can benefit from!

If you are a small business and you would like to enter the scheme than contact us.

There s a page on our website listing who has already enrolled ont he scheme and there are many more to follow. We will keep posting who there are as they come in!

This is currently aimed at Bracknell, but Perk Package Swindon will follow soon, so if you want to enrole and you are a Swindon/Cirencester based business, please contact us too!

So enjoy the scheme and happy shopping!

Perk Package for Small independant Business