Welcome to Gracie

Welcome to Gracie

Hello and welcome to Gracie. She is such a beautiful golden retriever. A loyal sole who has entered her golden years and feeling the effects of the arthritis.

It’s important we all recognise that change in lifestyle is needed when we become older. Ideally we should make gradual changes as we age. We often forget how gradually we change. One minute we want to run a marathon, then slowly we loose the inclination and opt for a more sedentary life. Our dogs age thier whole range of life stages in just 10 of our years. We don’t change alot in 10 years so often forget that they do need too.

The key to healthy living to keep us in check is going to clubs, staying active and seeking advice. For some this might involve weight watchers, personal trainers or even some life reassesment by ourselves.

So we need to adopt these same things for our animals. They can’t choose to make changes. But we can seek advice from people who can help us make adjustment appropriatly. We don’t like to say that a certain age means a certain limitation. As we all know, our bodies and abilities are all individual, and some humans are far more stiff sore and achy by aged 60, than other are even aged 90!

So gracia has come to us. We have listened to her needs and desires and made appropriate changes, sympathetic to the needs of the mum too.

We are thrilled to report that the adjustments and our treatment plan have helped Gracie already. We will keep her comfy for many more years and make adjustments gradually as needed.

Keep up the good work mum and Gracie!