Welcome to Khioni


Hello and welcome to Khioni. This is a very sweet dog that had a mild, but noticable lameness in the fore limb.

These amazing owners were determind to fix the problem. So they had all the tests under the sun, at one of the top referral centres….

Sadly, no diagnosis found. So she opted for physio.

We did our investigation and didnt find alot either, but we did still have a game plan, as the lameness was only seen during trot and no other gait.

We also know pain can be very complicated sometimes and so there may no longer be an actual stimulus for pain, but a memory of pain.

We did massage as the main treatment and started some strengthening excercises to ensure the strength was good, and slowly increased the excercise. Its going to be a journey.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Khioni.