Welcome to Mia

Hello and welcome to Mia. Such a sweet lady. She really is a heart melter!

But so crazy! She ran into a horse jump and managed to fracture her spine in her neck. She was instantly rushed to the vets who quickly sent her to the RVC for specialist investigation. Amazingly very little issue was found! But the fracture was nasty and in a very delicate place so she was given strict cage rest to allow it to heal and be safe.

She has since come for physiotherapy as she has random moments of lameness and pains. However this is only the start of her story as it is seeming incressingly complex and her symptoms are baffeling even the most amazing specialists.

We are keeping her comfy and she is having fun. But this is quite an incredible case and just shows how the body never ceases to amaze and pose challanges.

Well done mum and Mia. Keep up the good work!