Welcome to Caymen


Hello and welcome to caymen. Such a sweet and cuddly Eraser. Not a common breed at all, so lovely to see.

His mum is so loving and vigilant. She saw some movement in his back that she worried was back pain.

So she came for physio to make sure there was nothing to worry about and get some help if anything was found.

As it happened the movement seen was normal reflexes so he was fine. But it was great to highlight some other areas for improvement.

So moral of this blog. Always good to go for an MOT as you never know what you might find. If you are ever worried, always worth getting a check up as it means alot to sleep well at night. Seemingly random findings are not likely to be a serious problem, but treating them early and making small adjustments can extend how long there is before that small issue becomes a big one, so well worth doing.

Well done mum! Keep up the good work. We love that all our clients are so loving and caring.