Welcome to Anya


Hello and welcome to Anya. Such a beautiful German Sheppard. Sadly lost her ear when another dog bit it off! But she is fine and a bit more stream lined.

She has come as her mum saw she got very lame after doing sone agility. She has been doing agility for many years and is well experianced. So clearly mum was worried. The lameness resolved quickly but returned again in a walk on another occation. The vet didnt find too much going on.

We did our exam and also found her to be in good health, but there were a few little problems that needed some work on. So we set her a home excercise regime to get started on. She needs time for some proper healing too. But we need to also keep her mentally stimulated and allow her to do some excercise that does not aggrivate the issue.

Keep up the good work mum and Anya. Mum is highly vigilant and dedicated so we will soon get to the bottom of the issue.