Welcome to Ted

Hello and welcome to Ted.

Such a sweet boy, but will not be anything other than the center of attention! He is so funny! He makes consultations interesting! 

He has been diagnosed with luxating patella. So his knee caps dislocate regularly. Its not severe and so mum didnt notice. It was picked up during a consultation with an emergamcy vet when he was visiting with a different issue. This can regularly be the case with this ailment.

His own vet reassessed it and said not to worry. But mum wanted help to get on top of it as she could see there may well be future damamge and discomfort if this was left. 

Mum was totally right! Though the vet was also right not to panic mum, as a low grade luxating patella is not delt with surgically, but it is improved with rehabilitation. So we got him in. Our assessment showed the patella was much more lax on one side, but he was well muscled and the luxation reduced easily. 

So we have set him up with a home regime to strengthen the muscle further and post walk ice packing, to reduce inflammtion caused with each luxation. 

He is getting into the swing of doing his home regime well. 

Well done mum and Ted. Keep up the good work!