Welcome to Bertie



Hello and welcome to Bertie.

This lovely cockerpoo has got some amazing parents who have really taken the time to notice the small signs of a problem. Signs started with sitting differently after a long walk. The signs persisted and niggled though they were not debilitating or severe. But mum and dad knew he wasn’t right. 

So a vet investigation later revealed mild bilateral hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament laxity on one side. This is great as the information whilst sounding a little scary, is useful so we can make plans and adjustments accordingly and stop it getting too bad too soon. 

So Bertie has now had his assessments and we have discussed an ideal lifestyle and made suggestions to keep his muscle well built in his hind, whilst not over doing the stress in the joints. 

We dont need  to see Bertie again for a while as he is doing really well, but we will see him from time to time to make sure he is staying on track and pick up any signs of anything progressing, as sadly he is likely to get arthritis sooner than others.

Keep up the good work mum, dad and Bertie.