Welcome to Dorris



Hello and welcome to Doris
This beautiful girl has had a horrific accident. She got ran over. The car even stopped on her neck unaware she was under it.

Incredibly when the car moved she got up and ran away. Her loving mum took her straight to the vet who did xrays and discovered there were no broken bones at all. She was treated for shock and went home the next day, not even lame. 

But mum feels she has got something going on and so wanted her checked over. 

Of course you can’t come out of an accident like that fully unharmed. She has a haematoma behind her left shoulder causing some stiffness and reduced range of movement, her lower back was mildly reactive and her quardaceps mucle on the left side were also tight. But her neck range of movement was incredibly good.

We are shocked she came off so well after taking on a 4×4. But we are also so glad! She will be fine and recovered soon but she needs a few massages to help her through her stiffness and to help reduce the heamatoma.

Keep up the good work mum and Doris.