Welcome to Barney



Hello and welcome to Barney. 

This beautiful rescue westie has had luxatung patellas in both legs. This means his knee caps dislocate. This has caused arthritis.

He had surgery on the worst side but he didnt cope well so only the worst was done. Over the years since he has done really well and the better side never caused any issues. But he has now started to have problems in a fore leg. 

So he has now come for physiotherapy. On exam we found a few issues with various joints and muscles, but he really was not doing too badly. We’ve seen alot worse! 

So we have given a treatment. Given a home excercise regime to increase the range of movement in the worst joints and to bring fresh nurturion to these joints more regularly. We have given a more sensible walk regime and asked mum to start a mobility diary. 

See you next week Barney when we’ll reasses, treat and update your home regime. Keep up the good work mum. We’ll have you both feeling better soon!