Bentley the ChiWOWhua is joining us at Paws in the Park



Bentley the ChiWOWhua is joining us at Paws in the Park

We are so excited to share that Bentley the ChiWOWhua is joining us at Paws in the Park. Braybrook Park, Makepiece Road, Bracknell. 11am-3.30pm.

Bentley the chiWOWhua is 4 years old. Bentley’s mum has described his life…

“It was December when I first got him, and freezing cold outside, but being so tiny and small enough to fit in a cup, no clothes would fit him, so I made him jumpers out of my thick woolly socks.

He got so used to getting dressed for a walk, that it became the ‘norm’ for him to wear clothes, and he even lifts his paws up to get dressed before we go out.

We go everywhere together, to work, to the shops, to the beach, on holiday with friends, and even to restaurants and on first dates! Bentley is great at helping me to ‘vet’ a potential daddy for him, as if they’re not animal lovers, then they don’t stand a chance!….hence how the tv programme thing came about!

So according to the Metro newspaper, Bentley was the star of the show on Channel 4’s First Dates. Accompanying me to the now infamous City of London restaurant ‘Patternoster’, he didn’t just win over a guy who actually disliked dogs, but won an army of fans from all over the world too! The UK media loved him, with articles following in the Daily Mail, many women’s magazines, local press, radio interviews, and even Sunrise TV in Australia.

He then got signed to ‘Pet London’ models and has modelled for a national supermarket brand’s Christmas campaign, as well as lots of magazines and newspapers. Bentley just loves the camera, he’s a total natural born poser and happy to please!

Like his mum, Bentley is very keen to support a number of charities. He worked as the official mascot & therapy dog for a national police charity helping child victims of serious crime, he’s done lots of modelling for Help For Heroes too….being small enough to fit in the mascot bear’s clothing certainly helps haha….and, also spends a lot of time helping out at the Caenhill Countryside Centre in Devizes which is a sanctuary for rescued animals and provides education for children and adults with specialist learning difficulties or mental health issues.

For such a small dog, he packs a huge personality, and as well as being notoriously Chihuahua with some of his habits like thinking he’s the size of a great dane when out with other four-legged friends and standing his elbows like a bulldog would, and burrowing under the duvet as if in a den, he’s surprisingly calm, friendly and not yappy like his little counterparts are renowned for. His best friends are also two cats, both taller than him, but even they love him dearly, just like his mum does!

You can catch his latest ‘pupdates’ on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram:
Follow him on Twitter @BentleyTVDog
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Instalike him on Instagram/BentleyTVDog ”

We are so please he and his mum are coming to help us raise charity funds for the charities attending the show. Bentley may even judge a competition!

And here are just some of Bentley’s photos!

Bentley Chanel 4
Bentley on Chanel 4 first dates

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