Welcome to Scarlett



Hello and welcome to Scarlett


Here is a lovely success story. Scarlett had been lame for many months. She had been to the vets and had been given the usual anti-inflammatories, but they were unsure of the real issue behind the lameness and felt t was just a soft tissues injury of some sort. The anti-inflammatories weren’t working. She was still lame. So her mum called us to see if we could help.

We explained that vets do often ask our opinion when they are stumped over a lameness and so, yes we were happy to take a look. The vet granted the referral happily and we had a look.

She clearly seemed to have issues in her hamstring muscle group and back. Following just the first session the owner reported great improvement. She has now had 2 sessions and she is doing really well. She is almost sound and she is back playing with the other dog.

Her mum is very happy. Well done mum for doing the home exercise regime and well done Scarlett for recovering so well.