Welcome to Tala


Femoral head and neck excision
Femoral head and neck excision

Hello and welcome to Tala. Beautiful and highly spirited Tamaskan. She was referred for pre-operative physiotherapy to build her up ready for a femoral head and neck excision (removing the top of the thigh bone). This was a great referral so well done to the vet! It gave the owner and dog the time to get used to the regime they would need to follow in the future and allowed us to be able to build some muscle. All this adds to the successful outcome of the surgery and a speedy recovery.

It worked a treat. Tala has now had her surgery and will be in far less pain once recovered. We wish you a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with the very worried mum!

She has her exercise regime and we’ll keep updating it as her recovery progresses.

Well done for all the hard work so far!


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  1. Claire avatar

    Thank you for your continued help, support and most of all patience! And an extra special thank you for today, I would still be in a panicked state if you hadn’t been there to reassure me that everything was ok 🙂

    Tala apologies for all the kisses but she loves you! x