Welcome to Lesley

Hello and welcome to Lesely. Lesley is a rescue who needs a lot of love, care, kindness. She has large opinions for me to work around. I don’t mind at all. She just requires patience.

It’s fair enough. She is only young and will have been sore for a large chunk of her life.

Her mum is her biggest advocate and has had to fight to be heard. She knew there was something wrong. She had seen a vet a few times but they were not convinced there was a problem. They did refer her for a physio assessment.

I agreed. There were problems. The elbows were the biggest issue and I think when they are recovered, we may see problems with other areas.

We started her in a program of care to adjust her exercise and start a muscle building plan

Meanwhile she also got a referral for the referral orthopeadic vets. There, mum’s worries were confirmed. She was diagnosed with FCP, fragmented coroniod process. This is one of the form of elbow dysplasia. A tiny bit of bone breaks off and is loose in the joint. The vet removed this during the arthroscopy.

Sadly elbows are very complex and sensitive joints. They are very difficult and in many cases won’t make a full recovery.

Lesley is now on her recovery journey. She is now better than before surgery and she will continue to progress over time.

We are thrilled her mum persued finding answers. Elbows are really difficult. We know we need to listen to the parents. The science papers have proven that owners do see pain that others can’t. Well done you powerful owners. But remember, we are all a team and we all have to listen to the professionals too. Team work is the dream work, and Lesley has the best team and a big team, and rightly so.

Welcome Lesley


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